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Residents' help requested to avoid new restrictions as East Riding approaches tipping point

Dear all

We are writing to you with a request to help prevent the further spread of

COVID-19 in the East Riding. We are at a potential tipping point in the East Riding and if we can't stop the number of infections increasing we are likely to see additional

measures being brought in - such as preventing households mixing - and these measures could then be in place for a number of months.

We are asking you to continue your support of our 3 Steps To Safety campaign and to keep promoting important safety messages in two ways.

Firstly, we have created an asset library on the council website from which anyone can access images, posters (see the attached examples) and a

wide range of other materials to help promote safety messages. The page can be accessed at: https://emergency.eastriding.gov.uk/coronavirus-covid-19/downloads/

The resources are available to any organisation or individual to download and use as you want, whether it's displaying a poster in your window or

using artwork on your website or social media accounts - so please feel free to use and publicise this link. We will continue to put more artwork and other materials on this site as

we move forward.

Secondly, please also feel free to record your own video messages, to encourage your networks to follow the 3 Steps To Safety and to  self-isolate when told to do so.

Self-isolation is a crucial part of reducing infection rates and preventing transmission. National reports suggest 80% of people who should be self-isolating are either failing to do it at all or not properly. Basically, anyone who has either tested positive, has symptoms, is waiting for a test result or has been contacted and advised to self-isolate by the

NHS Test and Trace service needs to stay at home. To help persuade people to self-isolate when they should be, we are asking 'community leaders and influencers' to record their own video messages. You can watch an example video on the council's asset library and we've attached a script you could use, if it helps. You don't need to use it

verbatim but please do make sure you include the important self-isolation guidance. You can use your selfie video messages on your own social media accounts

or share them with your personal and professional networks via WhatsApp or email, for example.

If you email pressoffice@eastriding.gov.uk to let us know you've posted a video on social media, we'll look out for it and share it.

Please use the hashtag #TogetherEastRiding with your messages if you do use social media as we?re really trying to nurture this collective public

spirit and the fact that our positive individual actions will benefit the whole of the East Riding. Finally, thank you for your continued support for our 3 Steps To Safety

campaign. Hopefully we can stop the increase in infection rates and avoid

additional measures.

Councillor Richard Burton - Leader, East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Caroline Lacey, Chief Executive, East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Autumn 2020 Skerne and Wansford News

Click here for the parish newsletter

September Parish Council meeting minutes

Click here for the minutes of the September 15 meeting of the Skerne and Wansford Parish Council, which took place in the Wansford Village Hall starting at 7.30pm. 

Annual accounting statements for the parish

Click here to access the Skerne and Wansford Parish Council annual accounting statements approved at a meeting of the authority on July 14

Local contact numbers for those self-isolating

Help at hand in Coronavirus emergency for self-isolating Skerne and Wansford residents

In the eventuality of having to self-isolate should you or a member of your family become infected—parish councillors and residents alike have rallied around.

They have created a network in both villages of people willing to pick up shopping, collect prescriptions, etc for the duration of the emergency or just to make a friendly telephone call.

In Skerne, Catherine Bristow has volunteered to coordinate this effort and in Wansford, Caroline Harrison has offered her services.

Already some people have indicated that they are willing to help in this way, and if you wish to join forces with them please be in contact.

Meanwhile, if you are in the ‘vulnerable’ group who has been advised by the Government to distance yourself socially it would be helpful if you could let us know.

While it behoves us all to look out for our neighbours at the best of times, at the worst of times it could be comforting to know for definite that someone, somewhere cares…

We are Catherine Bristow (Skerne) and Caroline Harrison (Wansford)

Our telephone numbers are: Catherine—250190, 07774 402577; Caroline—254452, 07703 354394

If you are self-isolating due to COVID-19 we can help with:

Picking up shopping, posting mail, a friendly phone call, urgent requests

Just call or text one of us and we’ll do our best to find someone to help you—
for free

Items should be left on your doorstep.

Keep in touch - join your village's Facebook group

A Wansford Facebook group has been set up for people to exchange snippets, post pictures, originate a discussion - whatever. It is called Wansford YO25 Community.  If you're already a Facebook member you can search for Wansford YO25 Community or can be emailed an invitation - just let the clerk know by emailing Sandwpclerk@yahoo.co.uk 

The only rules are that your are kind and courteous and to keep politics, religion and any contentious issues out of any discussion.

Public rights of way advice for cyclists and horseriders

The increased use of public rights of way has highlighted some issues concerning public rights of way and civil trespass, according to the ERYC, A key issue being an apparent lack of understanding about the different types of rights of way and where people can or cannot cycle or ride horses.

In light of this ERYC has produced this poster which gives a brief and positive guide to public rights of way, to help users identify appropriate routes to walk, cycle or ride.

By clicking on the appropriate place you can either preview or download it.

ERYC video highlighting the authority's Community Hub and where help is available 

Please click here

Letter from Sir Greg Knight

Please click here for a letter from East Yorkshire MP Greg Knight re the Government's announcement re lockdown changes on Monday

If you're not on Facebook, joining is easy.

Skerne has its own long-established Facebook group.

Letter to all residents from Humberside Police

Humberside Police letter to residents

Help for vulnerable 

Humberside Police have asked that if you become aware of any persons within the community who are not receiving support from Government agencies or volunteer organisations to please let them know via their email address Driffield@humberside.pnn.police.uk so that they can assess and signpost them accordingly to the correct support.

Trading standards advice in the coronavirus emergency

During the coronavirus emergency as people struggle to get to the shops and have time on their hands, there will always be unscrupulous people wishing to take advantage of the situation. These East Riding trading standards leaflets point out many pitfalls, caution residents to be wary of misinformation and give guidelines that will protect both vulnerable individuals and those genuinely trying to help them. Leaflet for groups Leaflet for individualsCov

Fraud and scam alert from Humberside Police

For details from Humberside Police on how to counteract fraud and scams of all types, click here

East Riding Covid-19 helpline for those self-isolating

A dedicated contact centre specifically for residents who don’t have that network of carers, family, friends, neighbours or local community groups to call upon is now up and running.

Staffed by council officers based either at County Hall or at home, the contact centre will triage and log calls from residents. The calls will then be passed to the HEY Smile Foundation who will call upon their bank of community groups and volunteers to act upon the request for help. In order to do this, nine community hubs are being set up in locations across the East Riding, in Anlaby, Beverley, Bridlington, Driffield, Goole, Holme-on-Spalding-Moor, Hornsea, Pocklington and Withernsea. These are not open to the public but are a place where volunteers can co-ordinate their help and support for the surrounding areas.  The volunteers are being supported by many council officers in all nine hubs.

The contact centre will have a dedicated number (01482) 393919 and will be open from 9am until 9pm Monday to Friday and from 9am until 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays. An email address is also available for those who wish to contact us electronically - covid@eastriding.gov.uk .

The aim of this service is not to take away, substitute for or replace the great work and community spirit that has been established over the last few weeks across the East Riding but to provide extra help and support for those residents who really need support with their daily living and who don't have carers, family, friends, neighbours or local community groups available to help.

This contact centre is not for emergencies or for those vulnerable residents who are in our adult care system. The people we want to help through this service are those who may be in self-isolation and need medicines or essential food collecting, pets that need walking or are maybe feeling lonely and would like to be able to chat with someone.


9am-9pm Monday-Friday

9am-6pm Saturday and Sunday

Tel: (01482) 393919

Email: covid@eastriding.gov.uk

Don't fall victim to scammers

During this difficult time not everyone will be endeavouring to help.

Unscrupulous people will be aiming to take advantage of the isolated with internet, telephone and doorstep scams of all sorts from offering hand sanitisers to the usual discount on your appliances insurance as well as recorded messages, such as those about ‘your’ Amazon account or, as has happened in Beverley, people pretending to be local health professionals knocking on your door.

Be very wary of all cold callers, unknown visitors however credible they may appear, and never give your bank details to anyone.

There are initiatives to help and it’s perhaps worth idling away some of your hours in isolation by logging onto Friends Against Scams at www.friendsagainstscams.org.uk, a Trading Standards initiative which aims to protect and prevent people becoming victims of scams and where there is much information on what to look out for whether the scam is via e-mail, telephone, letter or a well-dressed, personable individual standing on your doorstep.

Another website is www.actionfraud.police.uk where scams can be reported. Don’t let the emergency develop into a crisis; take care.

Information sheet re use of defibrillators

Click here for the information sheet re the use of defibrillators which was available at a defibrillator usage course held in Wansford Village Hall on February 11.

Minutes of parish meeting re donated land at Skerne

Click here for the draft minutes of the parish meeting held at St Leonard's Church, Skerne, on Monday September 9. For minutes of the Skerne village green working party click here

Powers and duties of parish councils

All parish councils have powers and duties (things that they may do and things that they must do) conferred upon them by statute. Click here to find a list of the  duties and potential powers of your parish council. Note that no parish council is a highways authority or a planning authority. Neither is Skerne and Wansford Parish Council a burial authority although it uses the power to contribute towards the expenses incurred in the upkeep of the two villages' burial grounds.

A Jobcentre near me

To find you the local Jobcentre Plus offices as well as benefits and employment information, click here

Latest rural headlines

Covid 19 and rural economies

 Crafty Fingers

Monday afternoon craft sessions at Wansford Village Hall take place each Monday, from 1.30pm to 3pm. Take a project, learn a new craft, knit and natter or call in a for a cuppa. £1 entry.

Humberside Police: East Wolds and Coastal Beat latest edition

To access the latest local news from Humberside Police click here

Rural Vulnerability Service

 To access the Rural Vulnerability website, which tackles issues such as poor broadband speeds, rural transport, fuel poverty and health, click here.

Emergency plan

The Emergency Plan for Skerne and Wansford has now been compiled and a copy of it can be found in the Policies and Procedures section of this website. If you have any special skills or equipment you feel able to offer the community in the event of an emergency, please call on or contact the parish council clerk, using the contact form above, or any parish councillor.

 Village Hall coffee mornings

Weekly coffee mornings  usually take place in Wansford Village Hall  each Wednesday in aid of the hall refurbishment fund.  The cost is £1 and all members of the Skerne and Wansford community are welcome to attend as well as passers-by and visitors.

Safeguarding policy in the York diocese

Click here for the home page for safeguarding in the diocese of York, where you can find information and guidance concerning protecting children and vulnerable adults in your church.  For information about church services in the Nafferton and Hutton Cranswick benefices follow the link at the top of the page 

Weather outlook for East Yorkshire

For the Met Office local forecast click here


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